Sunday, September 29, 2013


That moment and us
Wordless and fascinating
Unmatchable treasure.........


Myriad images from past
Mind shrouded in various hues
Teardrops, happy and sad........

Boundless, blabbering
Yes, thoughts where you always dwell
Soulmates, nothing less....


Wind hums, sweet something
Unknown notes yet musical
Autumn, is that you ?.....

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

EK ANCHINHA PAL.../ एक अनचीन्हा पल

Ek anchinha pal
ek aparichit hulchul
ek thami hui saans
ek mand muskaan
aur sirf ek.....
ek mahakta ehsaas
milkar ban jate hain
bahut kuchh
jise samajhne ke liye
chand lafzon ki zaroorat hai
ya dhai akshar hi kaafi hain !

एक अनचीन्हा पल
एक अपरिचित हलचल
एक थमी हुई साँस
एक मंद मुस्कान
और सिर्फ़ एक.…
एक महकता एहसास
मिलकर बन जाते हैं
बहुत कुछ
जिसे समझने के लिए
चंद लफ़्ज़ों की ज़रूरत है
या ढाई अक्षर ही काफी हैं !

Monday, September 23, 2013

LAMHA... / लम्हा....

Ik lamha jo guzar gaya
kis raah gaya, kyon gaya?
Raahgeer hai kis manzil ka?
Muskurata hua gaya ki
berukhi mein dooba hua
Anmana sa ya kuchh badbadata hua
Bada beadab tha, ruka nahin
JabiN ke shikan ko dekha tak nahin
Lamha tha bas guzar gaya
Kuch harfon ko
apne saath le gaya
Lamha tha, bas guzar gaya....

इक लम्हा जो गुज़र गया
किस राह गया, क्यों गया?
राहगीर है किस मंज़िल का?
मुस्कुराता हुआ गया की
बेरूख़ी में डूबा हुआ
अनमना सा या कुछ बड़बड़ाता हुआ
बड़ा बेअदब था, रुका नहीं
जबीं के शिकन को देखा तक नहीं
लम्हा था बस गुज़र गया
कुछ हर्फ़ों को
अपने साथ ले गया
लम्हा था, बस गुज़र गया....


Saturday, September 21, 2013


Feelings unfathomed,
Unwritten and unspoken,
Love happens...always...

Pic-Pemayangtse Monastery , West Sikkim
Aparna Bose

Nomad heart and mind,
surging complexities,
Life goes on, sails on...

Pic-Pemayangtse Monastery , West Sikkim
Aparna Bose

The incessant rains,
Umpteen thoughts drenched to the skin,
Satiated soul....

Pic- Kolkata Rains
Aparna Bose

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It is very easy to label someone wrong, wicked worthless or bad, it is very easy to be judgemental which we are most of the time about most of the things, about most people. But later when we spend some more time and re-evaluate, we regret our judgement. We realise we were either impulsive or were thoughtlessly following others.

When we commit a blunder we do so without realising that we are committing a mistake. At times it has got nothing to do with our upbringing or our roots. Yes, there are few traits or behaviours for which our genes are responsible, our family background is responsible but the most prevailing factor which dictates every course of action that we take is perhaps 'circumstance'.

Yes, situations can ruin our happiness and force us to take steps which we would abhor otherwise. Circumstances can break the strongest of individuals, can snatch every bit of goodness from our soul and steer us towards misconduct. We can lose hope, self-confidence and slip into a self-destructive mode, but like everything even the 'bad' side of an individual is also not everlasting.

However, we need a strong support system of family, friends and well-wishers to overcome the hurdles. Those who lack this care in their life are perhaps the unluckiest ones but it is never too late to reconcile and reunite. It is alright to give a large chunk of time to our spouses/girlfriend/boyfriend and kids and it is ok if our life revolves around them but spending a few precious minutes with our near and dear ones will do us no harm.

I reckon having an extended family to fall back on and a dependable circle of friends will give us a great deal of mental peace and help us to combat an otherwise stressful life. Sharing and caring has no alternative, this is something I have learned a hard way. Dealing with life essentially means dealing with the circumstances, favourable or unfavourable and the bitter fact is, we do not have any other choice. Even our decisions are influenced by our circumstances. We have to live till we are dead and that also means tactfully tackling the circumstances.

Friday, September 13, 2013


The final verdict is out. Death it is..but why only the four  of them and not the fifth one, the so called minor? How juvenile is this juvenile? 18 or 16, if he is old enough to know how to dishonour a woman's chastity and destroy all evidence of brutality, is he not old enough to be hanged as well? Do we really believe that he will change as a person after undergoing a process of reformation in the special home ? Very debatable...

Jyoti Singh was brutally raped and her male companion was beaten barbarically inside a moving bus on a chilly wintry night in Delhi on 16th of December, 2012..after nine months the verdict is out, its whether due to the pressure exerted by the public or because of their own conviction, whatever, the judiciary finally announced a death penalty for all the four 'adult' convicts today, and now atleast a large chunk of the citizenry is happy and joyous and once again their faith has been restored in the legal system.

I am not sure,like in any other case the criminals still have the option of appealing to the High Court, failing that the Supreme Court. The last resort being sending mercy petition to the Honourable President of India etc etc.... But this time it seems its going to be death and nothing less than that..because that is what the people want, and with elections round the corner government will try its best to concede. Being a woman, the only question that is bothering me at the moment is whether this death sentence will expedite in eradicating the heinous crimes from the society or not .

Let us take this case. Dhananjoy Chatterjee, the rapist and murderer of a 14-year-old girl, and the killer was hanged to death on August 14, 2004 at the Alipore Central Jail in Kolkata...The verdict was highly appreciated by all and sundry.But to our utter dismay, the eve teasing, molestation or rape cases have not decreased in Kolkata , rather escalated manifold in the years that followed. In fact, the horrific incidents are still taking place everywhere and rapes are being committed, sometimes even in broad daylight . I feel, crime takes birth where fear is buried, by fear I mean to state the fear of God, fear of the society, the fear of  'nark'  and the fact is, the perpetrators of crimes are so fearless that a death sentence once in a while is not going to deter them from committing such horrific crimes.

If criminality ends with the criminal then this death penalty is totally justified. But I am happy that my faith in optimism has not been shaken and I was not that naive in believing that mass protests without a leader will bear fruitful result..Nevertheless, I am feeling bad for the families of these convicts, who will face the ire of the society and might also be ostracized for the rest of their lives . God bless them...


Saturday, September 07, 2013


Gautama Buddha had left the grandeur and pompousness of palace to attain enlightenment and propagate religious teachings among the common people. He  had sacrificed worldly pleasures and abandoned his wife and son to seek truth... With no bindings of the family life and no complications to be handled on a day to day basis, it would have been little easier for him to follow the path that he had chosen.

It really makes me wonder who is the greatest ! The ordinary 'sansarik' person who faces myriad challenges that life throws upon him/her and still walks through the flame with  a smile or the great Buddha who had the calmness of nature surrounding him while he preached ! I don’t know about others but as far as I am concerned, there have been several such episodes when I have felt like leaving everything and go away somewhere where no one would be able to recognise me..just disappear. But one look at my son's innocent face and the thoughts would go back to their birthplace. This is the actuality of life, you simply cannot run away.

We are all answerable for our actions ,good or bad . We are human beings so humaneness cannot be taken away from us. We need love as much as we want to love, and the love which we think is right and makes our soul happy is often misconstrued by some individuals. This prompts some of us to either sacrifice the true love or live as an ostracized individual who is looked down upon. Does it mean we stop believing in love? Would this generate  hatred for the people who have achieved what they had set out to.... probably we will reach to the last breath of our life figuring out the answers..

We all struggle, every minute, every nanosecond to understand ,to fathom the secret of true love . Sometimes we even start following the teachings of great saints to attain temporary peace but that hardly helps. What will actually help us to attain absolute tranquility, moksha or nirvana is total detachment from the chores of life but I call that escapism... the day we start thinking less about our family and more about our inner peace, will be the day when the Supreme power will denounce us as the most self-centred individual on earth..

Therefore, the real Buddha according to me is the person who goes beyond his 'self' to achieve goodness not only for himself but also for others and despite the sea of predicaments and the demons of misfortune in his life, fights against the evils present in the lives of others. They become the examples, the inspiration and motivate others by their actions ,not by their words merely. They do not waste their energy in doing the math of ‘give and take’.. they rather give with a strong conviction that they will get more than what they have given but that barely ever happens.. For me, the real Buddha ("awakened one" or "the enlightened one")is a person who sacrifices, sometimes without even questioning 'why' or for 'whom' and believes in ‘Karma’,in the relentless hardships in order to provide a comfortable life to those who depend on him/her.. He/she lives with the family , stays with it through the upheavals rather than leaving his/her family members on their own to face the society and the adversities …

Thursday, September 05, 2013

ANJORI, AAJ ANYAMANASKA KYON HO ? / अंजोरी, आज अन्यमनस्क क्यों हो ?

अंजोरी, आज अन्यमनस्क क्यों हो ?

कजराई-सी आँखों में
'रात्रि' की कनीनिका में
समाया है अब्द का अस्तित्व
जो माँग रहा है तुमसे
क्षण भर का साथ
अंजोरी, तुम आज अन्यमनस्क क्यों हो ?

इस पार से जो देखा
अस्पष्ट दाग चाँद का
इतना कुत्सित नहीं, सच.
कुछ ठंडक तुम देती
कुछ उष्णता जीवन से लेती
अंजोरी, तुम आज अन्यमनस्क क्यों हो ?

कुआशा से कुपित
अस्थिर, अबाध्य हृदय
चाहता है पीना दो घूँट
उस पूर्णिमा की कलसी से.
अब तक नहीं लाई तुम अंजुलि भर ?
अंजोरी, तुम आज अन्यमनस्क क्यों हो ?

Anjori aaj anyamanaska kyon ho?

Kajrai si ankhon mein
'Raatri' ki kaninika mein
samaya hai abd ka astitva
jo mang raha hai tumse
kshan bhar ka saath
Anjori, tum aaj anyamanaska kyon ho?

Is paar se jo dekha
aspasht daag chand ka
itna kutsit nahin, sach.
Kuchh thandak tum deti
kuch ushnata jeevan se leti
Anjori, tum aaj anyamanaska kyon ho?

Kuasha se kupit
asthir, abadhya hriday
chahta hai peena do ghoont
us poornima ki kalsi se.
Ab tak nahin layi tum anjuli bhar?
Anjori, tum aaj anyamanaska kyon ho?

Text-Aparna Bose

Monday, September 02, 2013

TAANE BAANE MEIN ULAJHTI SAANSEIN.../ ताने बाने में उलझती साँसें...

Suljhata gaya wo ganthein
chhoti-badi, asaan-mushkil
aharnish, vishramheen
kuchh haan ka taana
kuchh na ka baana
taane baane mein ulajhti saansein

Bunta gaya wo ratein
bahas wali, prem wali
kabhi reshmi, kabhi suti
kuchh neend ka taana
kuchh khwabon ka baana
taane baane mein ulajhti saansein

Karta gaya wo khat-khat
kya dhoop kya baarish
kargha uska muskurata raha
kuchh paane ka taana
kuchh khone ka baana
taane baane mein ulajhti saansein

सुलझाता गया वो गाँठें
छोटी-बड़ी, आसान-मुश्किल
अहर्निश, विश्रामहीन
कुछ हाँ का ताना
कुछ ना का बाना
ताने बाने में उलझती साँसें

बुनता गया वो रातें
बहस वाली, प्रेम वाली
कभी रेशमी, कभी सूती
कुछ नींद का ताना
कुछ ख़्वाबों का बाना
ताने बाने में उलझती साँसें

करता गया वो खट-खट
क्या धूप क्या बारिश
करघा उसका मुस्कुराता रहा
कुछ पाने का ताना
कुछ खोने का बाना
ताने बाने में उलझती साँसें

text- Aparna Bose


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