Saturday, December 29, 2012


My faith has been restored in the Amighty . He saved her. Saved her from the innumerable traumatic ordeals which she would have otherwise gone through if alive. She wanted to live , so do we,the women of this country . All that we want is freedom from inhibitions. We want our husbands ,brothers and other men folk to respect us. We want stringent laws to be enforced for rapists , wife beaters and eve teasers.

True,everything has to start from scratch. I  have no idea how,when , where who, good heavens ,so many questions are crowding my mind right now. The citizenry of this nation need a proper direction . This anger,this anguish and pain has to be channelized into right direction. Most of us do not have the ,courage or the knack of becoming a politician but I believe a right attitude can always be the guiding force for individuals with limited potential.

Government now has a lot of explanation to do in this particular case . But the question is will they? They had to wait till the 23 year old brave woman was officially declared ‘dead’ to label this heinous incident as murder !! Government has to listen to the people who voted for them. Reforming these brutal barbaric criminals or life sentence is simply out of question. Fulfill our demand…hang them. Kill them.
Rest in Peace brave girl. Am sure this time the spark ignited by your sacrifice will transform our mindsets….

Thursday, December 27, 2012

KUASHA, BAIRE NA MONE? / কুয়াশা , বাইরে না মনে?

Kuasha , baire na mone?
Anekta akrakom ,tai na?
Jhapsha, aporishkar, aspashto
Majhemoddhe jhalmole akash chayi

Tumio lukiye thako
Oi elomelo bheja ashpashe
Amio thamina,khuNje berai
Amar niyoti , cheshta kore jayi

Swapno dekhi jano
Dekhte bhalobashi tai
Katobaar hariyechhe,bhengechhe
Ami tobuo dekhe jayi

Shobar moton amaro achhe
Akta kahini,anek ghatona
Shesh ta dekhte chayi

Manush to, beshi bujhina
Katota amaar,konta amaar
Diganter pare achho bodhoi
Jano ,tomake pete chayi

কুয়াশা , বাইরে না মনে?
অনেক টা একরকম ,তাই না?
ঝাপ্‌সা, অপরিষ্কার,অস্পষ্ট
মাঝেমধ্যে ঝলমলে আকাশ চাই

তুমিও লুকিয়ে থাকো
ওই এলোমেলো ভেজা আশপাশে
আমিও থামিনা,খুঁজে বেড়াই
আমার নিয়তি,চেষ্টা করে যাই

স্বপ্ন দেখি জানো
দেখতে ভালোবাসি তাই
কতবার হারিয়েছে, ভেঙ্গেছে
আমি তবুও দেখে যাই

সবার মতন আমারও আচ্ছে
একটা কাহিনী,অনেক ঘটনা
ভাললাগা ,ভালবাসা
শেষ টা দেখতে চাই

মানুষ তো, বেশি বুঝিনা
কতটা আমার,কোনটা আমার
দিগন্তের পারে আছ বোধয়
জানো ,তোমাকে পেতে চাই

AAJ BHI SHAYAD ROOH CHEEKH RAHI HOGI...../ आज भी शायद रूह चीख रही होगी....

कितनी बार काटेंगे,और जोड़ेंगे?
वहशियत के निशान कितनी बार मिटाएँगे?
जिस्म हैहो सकता है कल ठीक हो जाए
पर रूह का क्या ,उसे कैसे जोड़ेंगे?

कुछ चीज़ें समेट के रखीं थीं
कौन लाएगा उसकी वह रंगीन टोकरी?
जिसमें सपनों को संजो के रखा था
जिसमे छोटी बड़ी मोतियों की माला थी
आशाओं के आशियाने की चाबी
एक सुनहरे रंग की डिबिया में बंद थी

ढूँढती होगी चौराहे पे अपना सारा सामान
देखो आज भी शायद रूह चीख रही होगी
किसने चुराया ,क्यों चुराया
प्रश्नों के उत्तर ढूँढती होगी
देह की हालत से अंजान रूह
उससे मिलने के लिए तड़प रही होगी

बिस्तर पे पड़ा निर्जीव सा
खोखला और जर्जर बदन
हज़ारों उम्मीदें नम आंखों में,
साँसों को हिम्मत देता उसका अहँकार
आज भी कह गया उसके कानों में
इंसान दरिन्दा बन गया तो क्या
विश्वास रखो सर उठाके जीने में

Kitni baar katenge,aur jodenge?
Wahshiyat ke nishaan kitni baar mitayenge?
Jism hai, ho sakta hai kal theek ho jaye
Par rooh ka kya ,use kaise jodenge?

Kuchh cheezein samet ke rakhi theeN
Kaun layega uski wah rangeen tokri?
Jisme sapno ko sanjo ke rakha tha
Jisme chhoti badi motiyon ki mala thi
AshaaoN ke ashiyane ki chaabi
Ek sunhare rang ki dibiya mein band thi

Dhoondhti hogi chaurahe pe apna sara samaan
Dekho aaj bhi shayad rooh cheekh rahi hogi
Kisne churaya ,kyon churaya
PrashnoN ke uttar dhoondhti hogi
Deh ki haalat se anjaan rooh
Usse milne ke liye tadap rahi hogi

Bistar pe pada nirjeev sa, 
khokhla aur jarjar badan
Hazaron ummidein nam aankhoN mein,
Saanson ko himmat deta uska ahankaar
Aaj bhi kah gaya uske kaanoN mein
“Insaan darinda ban gaya toh kya
Vishwas rakho sar uthake jeene mein”

(निर्भया का निर्जीव शरीर जब मृत्यु के सम्मुखीन खड़ा जीवनदान मांग रहा था तब मन इतना विचलित हो उठा था की इन पंक्तियों में उस पीड़ा को मैंने उकेर डाला। निर्भया या ज्योति या और कोई स्त्री / बिटिया , जिसके साथ भी ऐसा हुआ है , उसके गुनहगार को फांसी के अलावा और कोई सज़ा नहीं मिलनी चाहिए। )

Monday, December 24, 2012


A senior politician says rapes are taking place because of ‘provocative item numbers’…..

How do we react to this? And how do we retort when so called moral guardians point out that the brutal and heinous crimes such as rape and gangrape will trim down once the Indian women decide to wear decent clothes? 

Decent clothes !!! Then why do we see these perpetrators targeting women who are fully clad in sarees or salwar kameez? Decent enough right?

Very difficult to comprehend the filthy mindset of these beasts….they could be from slums, from mansions,from any strata, but one thing is common here,they have the least respect for the opposite sex and mostly all of them have been brought up in an environment which is inhabited by wife- beaters and alcoholics.How can we expect men to treat women respectfully when the basic cultural norm is faulty?
Its really overwhelming to see so many friends posting status updates in facebook against such atrocities. But essentially, the need of the hour is to educate menfolk at home and in the society at large to view women as equal to men.

Mayan calendar was not wrong in predicting the Doomsday.I feel world is not a small place to be ruined in a single blow. Its the beginning of an end perhaps. End of everything BAD....

Yesterday a woman ,who came from Nepal looking for her husband,was raped thrice within 24 hours in Mumbai. And we thought Mumbai is a safe place for women!! And how does our esteemed judiciary exactly categorize rare,rarest of rare etc in crimes such as acid attacks and rapes? By the graveness of the victims condition? Her external injury? What about the mental/emotional bruises? High time our judiciary makes amendments. The delay in justice in heinous crimes can only encourage filthy people.

I salute the people of Delhi who have braved the chill apart from lathi charge,tear gas etc to campaign for this cause. Protest against violation of human rights was long overdue. Government has to keep its political interest aside and work towards betterment of the society. We ,the citizens have also realized that we need to play a dynamic role in ushering a change. We are the world afterall !

Eight days and still cannot get her out of my head…the brave girl underwent a sixth surgery yesterday and her condition continues to be critical..perhaps will never be normal…the quality of her future life has been completely ruined by this devilish act. A painful death is what these devils deserve.Should be executed in public, should be lynched. 

“With so many pending rape cases, hanging each of them would mean sending around 60 people to gallows everyday”, lawyers said as the cry for capital punishment grew in the aftermath of Sunday gangrape.Why can’t they gun them down point blank? Kissa khatam .But no,the erudite lot still feels that life imprisonment is the most appropriate punishment.

I am also appalled by the behaviour of the bystanders on that ill-fated day.They could have atleast covered the girl with a shawl or a dupatta. Well, thousands of men and women from different walks of life, mostly young students,  have gathered and held demonstrations at India Gate to protest against the delay in justice.How ironical!! Even after 65 years of independence we are still campaigning for the freedom and safety of women !!

A mere ‘aam aadmi’ like me can only sit and watch while the victims fight for their lives and the rapists roam around freely in the society or serve life sentences in the jail which is no less than a haven for these felons….

The attack on the otherwise nonviolent protest was absolutely unnecessary.Dispersing the agitators,including women and children,beating the journos,breaking their cameras…everything was very much preplanned as is their (Gandhis and PM) conspicuous absence from the actual scene that is the campaign …. .the whole drama about hijacking the campaign and speechbazi by the ministers is nothing new to us.we know pretty well who these antisocial elements are and sent by whom. The youth of our country understands this reasonably well and is not at all shaken by this crackdown.
Yes, a mass protest without a leader can go haywire, but, as of now the outcome has been positive . This crowd consists of JNU students,doctors,engineers,chartered accountants,all of them bright and raring to go….leaders will emerge, just a matter of time………….

People can think I am impractical , especially when I am being so optimistic about something which is so very rare in our country, the 'peoples movement'.commoners voice is seldom heard in our country.This time I have no other option.. I have to believe, need to have faith in the protesters.I have to change myself, and the mindset of my family members,This girl has been so brave , still fighting with death, her tears should not go in vain......................

Monday, December 17, 2012

THE LAST BREATH............


Heart beats million times
Speaking billion things
Painting myriad thoughts
On the canvas that is my mind
Closer I go to learn thy language o heart
The clever you stay so quiet

When in dark I search my soul
You whisper a  name so dear
Illimitable thoughts,drifting through unknown
Now know whom to call a soulmate

The quest for eternity never ebbs
As his name is embedded
In beads and pearls and love
At the mouth of every bend

When I close my eyes for that deep sleep
Let that wonderful thing happen
Let that last breath linger here on earth
Till I come back from that long voyage
My heart says I'll find you again
That last breath, steering me to the abode
Tracing the fragrance which is so you
My soulmate ,for another blissful journey

Thursday, December 13, 2012

SapnoN ke Paas Waqt KahaN / सपनों के पास वक़्त कहाँ

Man ki na akheiN hain na zubaan
phir bhi bateiN karta hai hazaar
par sapnoN ke paas waqt kahaN
bheed bohat hai unki dukaanon par


मन की न आँखें हैं न ज़ुबान
फिर भी बातें करता है हज़ार
पर सपनों के पास वक़्त कहाँ
भीड़ बहुत है उनकी दुकानों पर 


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