Friday, February 17, 2017

HUES / प्रकृति के रंग.....

Delicate hues with a strong message...
I do not know much about anger management nor do I know the art and science of analyzing or controlling child behaviour, especially a teenager's behaviour.
I take each day as it comes, dealing with situations on case by case basis and trying to figure out the solutions.
The counseling sessions are held periodically between father and son mostly as the prerequisites like calmness and patience are not my forte when a discussion involves an argumentative (logical most of the time) teenager.
A situation arose a few days ago when we had to impose a limit on our son's cell phone usage. This also meant limiting his interactions with his friends over whatsapp and hike etc.
Our son was compliant enough but angry. But this time we did not care , for a change.
But, children often prove you wrong , often surprise you with their behaviour and actions which are contrary to your apprehensions.
Our son, taught us a lesson in anger management and I say this with great pride. I also think that he belongs to some other planet..
Well , he channeled his anger towards something as positive as gardening and tending to his flowers and herbs. Our tiny balcony now looks beautiful and everytime I look at the hues of nature I feel proud that my child has grown up and is well equipped to handle his emotions. I also reckon that he knows that we love him unconditionally and will never be embarrassed of him or stop fighting for him... AND LET HIM BE.

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