Thursday, May 16, 2013

YEH MERA INDIA.............

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When my son was in the junior school (South Point ) , in class one or two(don’t remember exactly), one day he came back from school and shared some words of wisdom that his teacher had taught him. He said “you know mamma,our teacher says it is very important to be a good hanuman being ( honuman being ) because a person with a heart of gold is loved and respected by everyone even if he is poor and not good in studies”….that day we laughed when he mispronounced human being as ' hanuman being ' ( bengalis often use the word 'honuman ' to refer to monkeys) ........but today , when I look back and think about that funny episode, I cannot but marvel at the correctness of that mistake.....
Yes, I say so because the circus which is telecast everyday on various channels ,by various factions of media is nothing but a bouquet of filthy politics, innumerable crimes and a horrific assorted bag of vandalism and  crimes against women...... Add to it the 'glorification' of a bollywood superstar who has been sentenced because of unlawful activities. With all those overenthusiastic media people,bodyguards and policemen surrounding him and the convoy of cars it was really hard to believe that he happens to be a bomb blast convict......and the mighty cricketers who have yet again proved that they are not only good wielders of the bat and ball but also very skilled in raking in the moolah by doing jumping jhapak on and off the field , and most importantly ,pretty efficient in striking deals with the bookies and underworld..
Are we shocked? Naah ...
The list is perhaps longer than this and those responsible for the present state of this nation are nothing but monkeys...really (do not intend to demean hanumanji as we worship him )... but what is the point? The so called law abiding citizenry of this country is as responsible as the dubious politicians and the custodians of  law......we are accepting everything as we do not want to fight.
Do I have a right to protest against such malpractice or even condemn the system when I am myself encouraging it? NO. A few days ago I paid a hefty amount as bribe because I wanted my passport to clear the hurdles of police verification without any hitch.....they demand ,we pay...and then we complain...why? Is not it a crime to pay a bribe? We all know ' both the giving and the receiving party of the bribe commit a crime '...still !!
What if I had not paid? The concerned department would have delayed the procedure or may have even left the file unopened....(that is what the official said...a polite threatening) wow! Aam Aadmi darr gaya ji.... this is the problem.... I am sure ,I am not alone...there are many like me out there who always pay some  EXTRA  as a ' price of convenience ' to get their work done and then lament within the four walls.... it is high time for some spirited soul to come forward and bring about the much needed change/reform which is long overdue....

Monday, May 13, 2013


It is possible to tame lady luck...that is exactly what the aggressive all-rounder Pollard demonstrated yesterday...and how !! such effortless boundaries...or so they seemed !!! the last three overs were WOW  ...poora 'paisa wasool' for the Mumbaikars ... yesterday's match was indeed hit by POLSTORM....

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Last month during one of the sessions , Javed Akhtar ji raised a very pertinent question in the parliament that , “Why do we often say there is heaven beneath a mother’s feet? Or for that matter, mothers are equivalent to the supreme power,God ? Then what about those women who have not attained ‘motherhood’ ? ”

Well , point to wonder about ………
The most ironical thing is the actuality that we Indians worship Durga,Kali etc etc as different forms of ‘Shakti’ , as ‘MA’, yet women are being subjected to heinous and horrific treatment every few seconds….

Coming back to the point , my heart echoes Javed sahab’s feelings. Motherhood or motherly affection is deeply embedded in every woman. It is not important for her to give birth to a child biologically to appreciate the essence of it. Apart from procreation, caring and sharing and of course sacrifice are the virtues bestowed upon womanhood ..…or else, how is  it possible for a woman to bond so well with her adopted child and shower him/her with all the love and affection?  
A moment ago came across an article in ‘THE TELEGRAPH’ which mentions various tribulations faced by single moms who intend to adopt and bring up the adopted chidren single-handedly… the best part is ,they succeed and their determination wins …..
Please do not elevate a woman  to the pedestal which belongs to God…rather treat every woman ,(mother ,sister,girlfriend or wife) with love and respect and this world will be a better place to live in…...

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

KABHI HO,KABHI GUM HO......../ कभी हो , कभी गुम हो ........

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Kachchi pakki dhoop mein
shaant ya garajte badalon mein
bahti hawa ke anukathan mein
raat-ki-raani ki madakta mein
kabhi ho..kabhi gum ho
mere astitva ka hissa ho

Aasman ki aagosh mein
chandni ke mehmaan ho
ek nirbheek amarbel ho
antarman ki abhivyakti ho
kabhi ho...kabhi gum ho
mere astitva ka hissa ho

Ek naav ki manzil ho
saahil pe bana ret ka teela 
registaan mein basaa 'cactus' 
ya sharad ka pashmeena ho!
kabhi ho...kabhi gum ho
mere astitva ka hissa ho

Sagar mein chhupe seep
basant ka darakht ho
ya vipushp patjhar ka rudan
tum meri kavita ke shabd ho
kabhi ho..kabhi gum ho
mere astitva ka hissa ho

(anukathan -conversation ,dialogue, madak -intoxicating, astitva-  existence ,identity, aagosh -embrace, nirbheek-unintimidated,bold, saahil- shore,sea-shore, darakht- tree, vipushp- devoid of flowers )


कच्ची पक्की धूप में 
शांत या गरजते बादलों में
बहती हवा के अनुकथन में
रात -की- रानी की मादकता में
कभी हो , कभी गुम हो
मेरे अस्तित्व का हिस्सा हो

आसमान की आगोश में
चाँदनी के मेहमान हो
एक निर्भीक अमरबेल हो
अंतर्मन की अभिव्यक्ति हो
कभी हो , कभी गुम हो
मेरे अस्तित्व का हिस्सा हो

एक नाव की मंज़िल हो
साहिल पे बना रेत का टीला
रेगिस्तान में बसा 'कैक्टस '
या शरद का पश्मीना हो
कभी हो , कभी गुम हो
मेरे अस्तित्व का हिस्सा हो

सागर में छुपे सीप
बसंत का दरख़्त हो
या विपुष्प पतझड़ का रुदन
तुम मेरी कविता के शब्द हो
कभी हो , कभी गुम हो
मेरे अस्तित्व का हिस्सा हो

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

TAMANNA / तमन्ना

Aaj dil badi shiddat se charag jala raha hai
milne ki tamanna liye tumhe bula raha hai

Aftaab ne kab sukun diya hai hamein
tapish mein jalakar hasrat mita raha hai

Tareekh to yahi thi ,guzargah bhi yahi
khat bhi ab bejaan sa susta raha hai

Abra ka tukda roshandaan se jhaank raha hai
hamein baton mein uljhakar dil bahla raha hai

BayaN karna namumkin, ye sulook aisa
bachpana unka aaj behad sataa raha hai

Jazbaat bah gaye,betahasha, aabshar ki tarah
abohawa ki khushnumaii dekh dil muskura raha hai


आज दिल बड़ी शिद्दत से चराग़ जला रहा है
मिलने की तमन्ना लिये तुम्हें बुला रहा है

आफ़्ताब ने कब सुकून दिया है हमें
तपिश में जलाकर हसरत मिटा रहा है

तारीख तो यही थी,गुज़रगाह भी यही
खत भी अब बेजान सा सुस्ता रहा है

अब्र का टुकड़ा रौशनदान से झाँक रहा है
हमें बातों में  उलझाकर दिल बहला रहा है

बयाँ करना नामुमकिन, ये सुलूक ऐसा
बचपना उनका आज बेहद सता रहा है

जज़्बात बह गये,बेतहाशा , आबशार की तरह
आबोहवा की खुशनुमाई देख दिल मुस्कुरा रहा है

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

RIP Sarabjit Singh.......

Well well…news channels are having a gala time these days…less hard work , yet their plates are full of ‘chatpata’ news….. Barkhas..Rajdeeps…Arnabs..and Sagarikas et al will now get busy in adding all the required ingredients to make their broth scrumptious and appetizing..and serve it at an appropriate time with a concoction of so called erudite politicians and dignitaries…
Me, as a citizen of this country will do my bit and pray for the departed soul.
RIP Sarabjit Singh………
( dil ye maan ne se inkaar kar raha hai ki maut ki vajah 'coma' mein chale jana thi.... ho sakta hai mujrim ko maarne ka naya tarika ijaat kiya gaya ho..pataa nahin...aajkal jo halaat hain ..kuchh bhi ho sakta hai... )

HAR FIKR KO DHUEIN MEIN UDATA CHALA GAYA .../ हर फ़िक्र को धुँए में उड़ाता चला गया ...

Kolkata mein nayi sarkar ke ate hi niyam banaya gaya ki har traffic signal pe Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore ke geet bajaye jayenge ,public address system ke liye jo loudspeaker lagaye gaye hain unse ...uddeshya ye ki rahgeeron ko tatha thake- hare pareshaan vahanchalakon ko thodi rahat milegi...nek khayal...dhanya ho ye gana select karne wale...dhajjiyaan udake rakh di gurudev ki......barsaat mein garmi ka, chait ke mahine mein baisakhi ka....sawan  mein sharad kal ka....kisi janemane hasti ki mrityu pe harshollas ka gana... .ityadi...
Jab ye bhi sah liya janata ne to ab sarkar kahti hai cigarette pijiye taki tax ke paise se Sharadha group walon ka kuchh bhala ho jaye....Khush hain bande...gharwale mana karein bhi to kaise !! Rajya ke sarvochcha neta ne hami bhari hai ab to... loudspeaker kharab ho gaye hain , aur Guru Rabindranath ji ne bhi cigarette jaise vishay par koi kavita nahin likhi...geet nahi racha ...
Ab to har traffic signal pe 'Hum Dono'  ka ye gana bajna chahiye 'Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya...Har fikr ko dhuein mein udata chala gaya'...

कोलकाता  में नयी सरकार के आते ही नियम बनाया गया कि हर ट्रैफिक सिग्नल पे गुरुदेव रविंद्रनाथ टैगोर के गीत बजाये जायेंगे  ...public address system के लिए जो loudspeaker लगाये गए हैं उनसे ....उद्देश्य ये की राहगीरों को तथा थके-हारे परेशान वाहनचालकों को थोड़ी राहत मिलेगी ....नेक ख़याल ....पर धन्य हों ये गाना select करने वाले ......धज्जियां उड़ाके  रख दी गुरुदेव की ...बरसात में गर्मी का ...चैत के महीने में बैसाखी का ....सावन में शरद काल का  ....किसी जानेमाने हस्ती की मृत्यु पे हर्षोल्लास का गाना इत्यादि .......
जब ये भी सह लिया जनता ने तो अब सरकार कहती है सिगरेट पीजिये ताकि टैक्स के पैसे से  Sharadha group वालों का कुछ भला हो जाये ...खुश हैं बन्दे ....घरवाले मना करें भी तो कैसे !! राज्य के सर्वोच्च नेता ने हामी भारी है अब तो ........loudspeaker खराब हो गए हैं , और गुरुदेव ने सिगरेट जैसे विषय पर कोई कविता नहीं लिखी ...कोई गीत नहीं रचा .....
अब तो हर ट्राफिक सिग्नल पे 'हम दोनों ' का  ये गाना बजना चाहिए -
'मैं ज़िन्दगी का साथ निभाता चला गया ...
हर फ़िक्र को धुँए में उड़ाता चला गया '.....

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