Saturday, November 08, 2014

NA KAVITA NA KAHANI / न कविता न कहानी...

Na kavita na kahani
Bas kuch shabd
Kuchh jatilta
Bolti hui khamoshi
Cheekhta hua soonapan.

Na kavita na kahani
Bas kuchh lafz
Kuchh uljhane
Kolahal mein chuppi
Bheed mein sannata.

Na kavita na kahani
Bas yun hi
Kuchh dil ka bojh
Ankhon se aansoo
Aansuon se syahi
Syahi se?
Na kavita, na kahani....

न कविता न कहानी
बस कुछ शब्द
कुछ जटिलता
बोलती हुई ख़ामोशी
चीख़ता हुआ सूनापन

न कविता न कहानी
बस कुछ लफ़्ज़
कुछ उलझनें
कोलाहल मेँ चुप्पी
भीड़ मेँ सन्नाटा

न कविता न कहानी
बस यूँ ही
कुछ दिल का बोझ
आँखों से आँसूं
आँसुओं से स्याही
स्याही से?
न कविता, न कहानी....

SANGEET.../ संगीत....

जब लोगों की बातें दिल दुखाने लगे तो संगीत ही वो मलहम है जो ज़ख़्मों को भरने का काम करता है.
Abida Paween: Raga Malkauns - VHS rip:

Tuesday, November 04, 2014


It is always wonderful to meet up with old friends, especially those from school as that is the most carefree period of one's life.
After so many years when we meet, it hardly matters who used to be a topper and who the inconspicuous backbencher. Life is never without its upheavals and predicaments, so connecting with friends also means that life won't be that difficult anymore with friends just a phone call away.
After a long time had a blast laughing and reminiscing about school days as we all reverted to being teenagers



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