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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Winters make me very nostalgic, especially during late afternoon and in the evening. I cannot help but look out of the window with my coffee mug in my hand and take a fascinating stroll down the memory lane which takes me back to my school days and college days. School days they say are the best days of life when you can put aside all the worries and enjoy your childhood and carefree adolescence. I had an extermely wonderful childhood and most of it was spent playing outdoor games with friends after returning from school.. we had a great time riding bicycles, playing cricket, badminton, pitthu, gulli-danda, dodge ball etc etc. This also meant eating right and healthy since falling sick would mean missing school and also no play which was purely undesirable.

Our guardians (moms who were mostly hands-on), had a tough task at hand of keeping their children disease-free and they depended mostly on natural remedies. I remember our mornings would start with juice of chirota/ chirayta (SWERTIA CHIRATA) , every alternate day and a teaspoonful of Dabur Chyawanprash  . This worked wonderfully well for the immune system and later when we attained adolescence this ayurvedic medicine prevented the skin breakouts with pimples and acne. When I was a toddler my mother used to massage me with an uptan of freshly pasted haldi/turmeric, Dabur Honey and milk which had a long lasting benefit, and trust me I never encountered a pimple outbreak in my growing up years.

I must mention that when I was doing my graduation, my grandmother would take lot of pain in preparing masoor dal and Dabur Honey paste in summers and a mix of  Dabur honey, rose water and glycerine (all in equal proportion) in winters. At times I would be too tired to go through all the fuss of applying the pack but she would coax me till I applied the pack. When I look back I can hardly stop marvelling at the patience she had after a long day's work to do so much for me and that too with a smiling face.

This practice was handed down to me by my grandmother and mother and I used to apply the same pack along with Dabur Lal Tail when my son was a toddler. It worked better than the baby products available then in the market.. Also when he started taking food supplements like cerelac and lactogen, I would dab a little piece of gauze in Dabur honey and wipe off the milk residue from his tongue with that. The sweet taste of honey made the process easy and the goodness of honey protected him from cold and cough.

There are no short cuts in life really, in nothing that we do. It really petrifies me when I find these teenagers depending so much on artificial and chemical based products to look beautiful. Out of ten atleast seven have artificially straightened hair which is also artificially coloured. The excessive use of eyeliners and make up is also very common amongst these youngsters. This should not be encouraged.

But honestly children nowadays are little disobedient, becoming couch potatoes with ample access to television, mobiles and computers to mention a few. Then there is an added pressure to compete in various exams, projects, coaching classes and extracurricular activities.The stress generated as a result affects the immune system and we make umpteen rounds of the doctors chamber.

In situations like these we as parents feel very helpless. Dealing with children is very challenging at times and one feels clueless when it comes to convincing them about the natural remedies. I am an ardent fan of natural products and herbs and believe in eating a balanced diet, therefore as and when required I put my foot down if my child refuses to listen to me. Its Dabur Honey all through the year, in a glass of warm water, lemon juice, on breads, with chapatis and also sometimes I add it in his favorite chicken and prawn also. He likes it. In winters I make it a point to bring home a bottle of  Dabur Chyawanprash and Honitus is a must.It substitutes for the extract made from crushing the tulsi leaves and adding it to honey to cure cold and cough. The foundation has to be strong if we want to build a mansion. So healthy children would mean better future...

Since my son has a sensitive skin, I also give him a cotton ball dipped in Dabur Gulabari whenever he is playing games on internet so that he can at least wipe his face with that while continuing with the mindless video games. Believe me it has had brilliant effect on his skin. The skin looks cleaner and clearer. In a life so fast paced and busy if we can keep aside just a few minutes for ourselves and instil the same discipline in our children, then life will certainly become more beautiful. We can also save time and money by avoiding endless trips to the hospitals.

An expensive facial or a face lift can give you a beautiful face but only for a specific period of time that too with hundreds of side effects. Botox, age defying creams, fairness creams etc are nothing but artificial means to an end. It is better to age gracefully, eat healthy and stay away from diseases as much as possible. What could be more better than incorporating some natural products in our regime. A spoonful of Dabur Chyawanprash and Dabur honey in the morning and littlebit of Dabur gulabari for the skin should take of our body. Then we have Hajmola to take care of indigestion. Actually, Ayurveda has solutions to all our problems, all that WE need is a little bit of patience. Discipline is the key word, the results take time to show but they are very long lasting unlike the chemically enhanced products. Truth is, nature is the best doctor, who helps us to make ourselves beautiful inside and out....

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