Sunday, April 13, 2014


"Trouble with the Curve" is one of the finest films I have ever seen on father-daughter relationship and also is a fairly enjoyable and pleasant baseball drama . This movie is not at all preachy in the sense that it does not go overboard in explaining its audience that how one should deal with the upbringing issues..a child sometimes fails to understand why his/her parents are not giving them the much needed attention during their growing up years or why they have kept them away at a hostel or some relative's place, which is justified but then nothing that parents do is without reason..

In the movie the daughter missed her father all through her childhood and had silently hated him for not giving him much time and attention which she craved for but her father did not have much choice being a single parent who was always travelling and engrossed in the job of a baseball scout. But one more reason which the girl understands much later was his insecurity about his daughter's safety as she was once on the verge of getting sexually abused at a tender age of six. He saved her once but was not sure that he could get lucky next time as well..

There are two scenes that are quite impressive. An aging father defending his daughter, with the first one of him attacking a drunk bar-goer with a broken beer bottle after he tires to hit on her, and later, a rather disturbing and upsetting scene where he brutally beats a child molestor half to death in a shed.

Clint Eastwood carries the film beautifully on his shoulders and is so very handsome even at 75 plus.. not to ignore his signature style

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